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VP Academics - Sean Lee


Hi Eagles! My name is Sean Lee and I will be your Vice President of Academics for the 2021-2022 academic year. New College offers numerous clubs that may suit your interest, help you develop connections, friendships, and learn beyond the classroom. 

Asides from the clubs offered throughout the year, we will also host academic events that are very benefitting and useful. For example, in previous years, there have been events such as: Resume Editing, learning how to invest, and a financial literacy workshop.  My personal goals during my time as VP Academics is to organize original events that can bring the people of New College together after so many years apart due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

If you have any inquires regarding clubs or academic events, feel free to email me at

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New College has ratified six University Clubs. Affiliation to New College entitles these clubs to book spaces at Atkinson Building for events and meetings. Along with funding from NCC.


The Atkinson Professional Accounting Association (APAA) "serves to encourage leadership, excellence, and professionalism” in School of Administrative Studies Accounting students of York University. The majority of APAA members are School of Administrative Studies students who are working toward their Bachelor of Administrative Studies degree and are interested in a career in accounting. Upon graduation, many APAA members pursue a professional accounting designation.

Office Location: ATK 253


HRSA promotes personal and professional development among all Human Resources Management and business students at York University. HRSA strives to facilitate knowledge and develop an innovative culture to help students succeed in the HRM field. HRSA offers a Mentorship program, alumni networking events and workshops for students interested in pursuing a CHRP designation after their undergrad degree.

Office Location: ATK 122B


The Finance Students Association represents students in the finance stream of the School of Administrative Studies BCom program. Our goal is to be the primary intermediary between finance professionals and York University students. FSA aims to encourage students who wish to pursue a career in the financial world by organizing events that help build the necessary skills and confidence required to kick-start their journey as finance professionals.

Office Location: ATK 140J

Entrepreneurship Development Association (EDA)

The Entrepreneurship Development Association (EDA) is a professional student-run, non-profit organization that comprises of a diversified executive team from various departments within York University. Our mission is to motivate, assist, and develop the skills of students who have a desire to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. EDA's ultimate goal is to connect students with practitioners and resources needed to strengthen their venture ideas and explore entrepreneurship as a career.

Office Location: SSC 319


NOW Leaders is New College's leadership development community. At NOW we believe that as students “We are the NOW".
Business is synonymous with leadership, whether it is a project, department, or a company. They formed with the vision to provide Business students an opportunity for leadership development in their own school, regardless of their streams.



The Undergraduates of Disaster and Emergency Management Student Association (UDEM) wants to provide encouragement and motivation to all DEM students by creating a community of students, alumni, and faculty. We want to promote personal and professional development among all disaster and emergency management students.Our mission is to help students excel in the professional realm by providing opportunities to build their professional networks, develop themselves professionally, and maintain that connection to the world of DEM. We want to have a significant presence on campus and provide awareness of this program to all students at York University.


We provide technological support services for ITEC students and to the York University Community. Our experienced student technicians are ready to help you with all your technological needs!

Office Location: ATK 140